Using headphones without microphone

May I ask if one can use a headphone without microphone and activate the primary microphone of the FP2 for phone calls? Thanks for a hint.

Is that a general question or doesn’t it work for you?

In the past it was not a problem for me to use the primary microphone of any Fairphone for calls while simple headphones were connected. I didn’t need to activate something, it just worked out of the box (as I would have expected).


Thanks for this - I didn’t try it earlier, so I can’t tell if it is a hardware problem - or are there different jacks with the headphones?

Yes, obviously! I just tried it out with an old walkman-headphone and it worked out. So there are different jacks.

So we can close this thread. Thank you.

I don’t think it’s necessary to close the topic. But if it’s ok for you, I marked my reply as “Solution”, so other people can quickly see that they can expect to find an answer to the original question.


If you’re using headphones with a built-in microphone but still wish to use the phone’s internal microphone for calls, or if your phone erroneously detects an inline microphone where none exists, there is a fix - it requires root access and Xposed framework, with a module called XOverrideHeadphoneJackDetection (really rolls off the tongue).

Within this module, if you simultaneously enable ‘Enable override’, ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Headphone’ mode and then hit ‘Update settings’, the FP2 will behave normally when it comes to audio output, but it will use the FP2s internal microphone no matter what you hook up to it.

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You could alternately simply use an extension cord with only three contacts on its plug – that does not require a phone modification or root access.


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