Using FP5 with polarised sunglasses

Hi dear community,

I just get a FP5 for Christmas (:heart_eyes:) and I directly put the blue light screen protector (which quality is amazing). I only have an issue: I’m living on an island (it’s summer here) and when I wear polarised sunglasses the screen becomes difficult to see: there are a lot of weird colored light reflections. It is not agreeable at all. This issue happens only with polarised sunglasses and only when the phone is on portait mode, not in landscape mode.

My question is: is it a screen protector issue or a phone issue ? If it is only the screen protector I will remove it, but I’ll not if it is the phone. I also had this issue with my FP3 without the screen protector but only in landscape mode. It was even worse, I couldn’t see anything on the phone.

So, if anyone has a FP5 without this screen protector and has polarised sunglasses, could you make a little test to see if this problem occurs please ? It would be a great help for me :grin:

Many screens are affected when using polarized glasses. In fact, some sunglass manufactures market non-polarized for that reason.

Here is a link that may help…


Thank you for the fast answer, that’s what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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I tried my FP4 and my wife’s FP5 with my Polaroid’s on and they behaved slightly different due to LCD vs OLED screens on them. The FP4’s LCD screen blacks out in landscape orientation, but the FP5’s OLED is polarized in different direction and blacks out in -45°/135° angle (clockwise halfway between portrait and landscape).

I think this is less disturbing than either landscape or portrait blackened out, but might cause some issues when accidentally slightly rotating the device. I didn’t see any weird reflections or artefacts though, so that might be the blue light filter. It’s not probably optically as uniform as the screen’s glass. It might cause the polarized light to rotate differently on different parts of the screen, resulting in some areas of the screen appearing dimmer and even show coloured artefacts.

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Thank you for your answer and experiment. It is interesting as I don’t have any black screen in -45°/135° angle with my FP5. I’m wondering if it is the screen’s glass which creates the difference or all FP5/sunglasses are not identicals (although I have similar results with 2 polarised sunglasses)…?!

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I think polarised sunglasses should always be polarised horizontally, to filter out reflected light from vertical surfaces. I’m pretty sure it’s the blue light filter, as there shouldn’t also be that kind of differences in displays, unless Fairphone sources different kind of OLED displays from multiple manufacturers.

If you decide to try the phone without the filter, please update here, would be nice to now if it’s that.

Hi everyone,

I finally removed the filter (for some reasons bubbles appeared in one corner few months after I put it…). And yes I have the same thing as you have @CyclingEngineer. So it was the filter fault, unfortunately. I’m gonna stay without it !

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