Using FP3 as hotspot for Chromecast?

I am at a place without wifi. I have an old TV, with Chromecast. I want to connect my computer to the TV to see e.g Netflix. In order to do so I need to set up a network to which the computer and the Chromecast can connect, and from which the computer can access internet. I have tried to use my FP3 as the mobile hotspot. It works fine when connecting the TV. But the Chromecast will not connect. Instead I took one of my SIM-cards and put it in an Ipad. And then it works to use the Ipad as hotspot, i.e. using the same SIM-card, and same name and password for the hotspot. Anyone who understands why this does not work with the FP? (The inconvenience with the solution above is that I can not take calls or SMS while the SIM-card is in the Ipad.)

Welcome to the forum. AFAIAA you require two devices to set this up as here:

Sorry. I was incorrect in my description above. I have now edited, so where it now says “COMPUTER”, it previously said “TV”.

Thanks aspergerguy for quick response. But as far as I understand your suggested link does not solve this specific problem. I am aware I need several devices. The strange thing is that I get it to work with Ipad, computer and Chromecast/TV, but not with FP3, computer and Chromecast/TV.

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