Using FP2 as Tesla Phonekey: "Unable to find vehicle"

Has anybody managed to use a FP2 as a Phonekey for an 2022 Tesla? I am able to couple the Phone via Bluetooth to the car. But the Tesla-Phone-App didn’t find the car when trying to define as Phonekey, although the App uses also Bluetooth as connection. Any advice would be appreciated.
Besides that, the FP2 still works perfect for me
Thanks in advance


I cannot provide experience there, but you might want to add/clarify if you are using the latest standard Fairphone OS on your FP2 or Fairphone Open or a custom ROM.

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Thanks for your hint
Using Standard Fairphone OS Build 22.04.0-rel.1


I found a help page

In this guide it says you should do all updates for the smarthone and the Tesla app (maybe reinstall it).
But the more interesting hint is, you should have WiFi and the location service activated.

Maybe you want to try the step shown in that guide?


Thanks for the Guide.
I reinstalled the Tesla App, Location on, WIFI on, all the stuff that’s mentioned. Still the same issue “Unable to find vehicle”
Since yesterday, there is a new update for FP2 available. I will do the procedure again, with the newly updated FP2.

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