Using Fairphone 4 abroad

I have pre-ordered a Fairphone 4 and would like to do so for my girlfriend. The thing is, she is Mexican and we might be spending some time over there in the coming years.

For now, no issues regarding connectivity, as we live in France. But once we go to Mexico:

  1. If we want to register with a local network provider, will the Fairphone 4 be compatible?
  2. Will we be able to connect to the 4G and 5G networks over there?

Sorry if my question seems very basic and the answer should be obvious, but in my mind, there may be different network frequencies or kinds depending on the region (EU/America/Asia), and she may end up with a phone that she cannot use in her native country.

This is for the FP3+. Technical specification of the FP4 can be found here:

Just check which radio bands are supported by the local providers…


I use Wikipedia to check things like that.
LTE frequency bands
5G NR frequency bands
List of 5G NR networks
In Mexico, AT&T uses LTE bands 7 and 38, Telcel uses 7, and Altan uses 28. All three LTE bands are supported by the FP4.
The list of 5G networks has no entry for Mexico.

You better check this with Mexican providers.



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