Using AFWall - which settings have to be enabled?

I have my FP2 for two days now (without SIM, this is still on it’s way). I followed @paulakreuzer’s Method 3 and now have AFWall installed.
As I come from iOS I don’t know my way about the Android yet. My question: Which services have to be enabled in the Firewall, so that standard things (GPS, Musik, F-Droid Updates…) work? e.g. (GPS) GPS, (Medien) Medienserver…
Does the FP-Launcher need Internet (I wouldn’t say so).
I would be happy, if someone could post their settings. :innocent:
Does the AFWall need superuser all the time?
I thought AFWall pops-up and asks for permissions - mine does not.
Regards from Stuttgart!

@Friek You need root right to use AFWall.

Without root right try this

Lies ab hier und dann mach das. In dem Topic steht alles auf deutsch.

Thanks for the replies. I rooted my phone (with a couple of hitches, but then it worked (thanks to the Facebook group).
I would just like to know how AFWall works. What is the minimalist settings for the Firewall, so that everything runs smoothly (GPS, phone, SMS, MMS).

Nothing you noted. Allow just those apps you want to network-access to your home-LAN, to WLAN, data and data via roaming.
TotalCommander has a plugin for SMB, so if you want to use it, then grant the plugin LAN, thats enaugh. If you want to download maps for Osmand at home, then allow Osmand LAN and WLAN. If you want to surf with Firefox from elsewhere, then grant Firefox LAN, WLAN and Data (and “roaming” if elsewhere is in a foreign country)

Everything with phone, SMS, MMS works without anything allowed. GPS works on its own.

If you need tethering via WLAN, then grant “tethering,DNS” the rights for LAN and WLAN.

Don’t forget to actvate the firewall.


Thank you! :tulip: :tulip: