Using 2 sims at the same time?

Hi everyone,

I have an FP4 and want to do the following :

  1. keep my physical SIM active with my main number for calls, sms & whatsapp
  2. at the same time use a new secondary eSIM for a hotspot in my motorhome because the roaming data allowance is better.

Is this possible? If so, how?


I have a FP5, but it work the same: You can define the preferred sim for mobile. So set up doing calls with the physical sim and internet with your esim. Switching this setting is also very easy, if you need to do this only on your motorhome.


Thank you - I downloaded a “free 100M” AirHubApp eSIM just now, and suddently all those options became visible (they were not there when I only had the one sim in).

It’s all obvious now :slight_smile: