Users of Bike holders with a FP3+ : Micro vibration is bad?


I want to know if put your phone (FP) on your bike with a Bike holders, dammage it because of the micro vibration (without fall) ? Do you notice something different since you start using a bike holders, i mean in the utilisation of your phone (screen of performance…) ?


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Hello @Dramen and welcome to the community!

I’m using my FP3 frequently with a bike holder for a year and a half now, and no problem so far.


I can I know what is type of bike holder do you possess ? Is there a spring or is it just fixed on the handlebar ?

No spring at all, it takes all the shaking!

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Thanks for your experience !!

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No problem at me. No springs, since two years.

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Finn BikeCityGuide

I’ve used this one (Finn BikeCityGuide) with quite a few smartphones, for about eight years now, even on rougher terrain. It feels like you’re torturing the phone when mounting - or dismounting - it, but never took any (noticable) damage of it.

Seems like they don’t produce it anymore, they might have a newer one.


You can still get Finn smartphone mounts:

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