User fields on signup; which Fairphone do you have?

You are right, @Douwe , sorry. I would like to modify my profile if only I could:

Maybe one of the moderators can help out…


The @moderators cannot edit that field, unfortunately…

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My apologies, but this is strange… I thought I changed that months ago.
I edited the signup form just now (again). Please check if the extra option I do not own a Fairphone (yet) is now available for you.

Thank you for your effort.


Please note that @gerry has told in other topics that he actually does not own a FP2. This is a summery of all problems he found dispersed over the forum and other channels.

@gerry maybe you can make clear in your profile that you are not a FP owner, but a (critical) observer of the product and brand.


I can only choose between these 3 options: 1, 1(u), 2

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Can you do a refresh of your profile page?
I saw this afterwards:

tnx @freibadschwimmer!


Yep, it works now :slight_smile:



Btw: the ‘About Me’ section also gives a lot of freedom to describe how you think about Fairphone and what brought you here.

But maybe it is always good to remind people (a little) of your current ‘status’; not everyone always checks profiles.

Would be cool maybe if we can add a badge to peoples profile pics indicating which Fairphone the have, or none at all…


Worked for me !

Yeah, they have that on a bunch of forums, or some subreddits : a “title” that comes next to your name describing for example the specs of your computer, or the name of your phone, or whatever.

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I have been able to update my profile, thank you everybody! :slight_smile:


I remember that such an option existed months ago too.
Maybe a discourse update wiped it?
If that’s the case it would be interesting to know what happened to those who chose that option before the wipe.

Isn’t it more visible now than it would be as a badge (that could be hidden in the +32 More)?

PS: Oh and why can’t I select FP1(U) + FP2?
PPS: If there is an option for FP1, why is the U in the second option in brackets?

I modified the fields based on these comments of @paulakreuzer


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