Usefull tools for getting the best out of your phone

Hi all,

I thought i make gathering of usefull tools/apps considering non standard apps, which extend the normal use of a phone mostly FP4+5 i assume.

My highlights are:
scrcpy - GitHub - Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device
allows you to see your mobile om your PC over USB-C or network adb

adb-sync - GitHub - jb2170/better-adb-sync: Completely rewritten adbsync with --exclude
for synchronization of files or making Backups

app: - second screen
Changes dpi settings and controls rotation in case you want to use the phone on a dock+external monitor. I’m very glad Fairphone (FP4) implemented that well.
I have worked a whole day with this once on office 365 in the browser, with limitations but only minor productivity reduction.
Could replace a computer if you don’t need native apps.

please add more and give a short description.


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SMS Import/Export for backing up and restoring sms, mms, calls, contacts. GitHub - tmo1/sms-ie: SMS Import / Export is a simple Android app that imports and exports SMS and MMS messages, call logs, and contacts from and to JSON / NDJSON files.

LocalSend for transferring files to other phones or computers.

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