Use SD card as default storage for camera

Yesterday i bought a SD card for my Fairphone 2, to use it for pictures, videos and such, to free up space on the phones capacity.
I’ve tried to read several guides on the Internet on how to set the SD card as default storage for pictures, videoes, documents and such. But nothing was helpful, unfortunately .
Is there a way to set the SD card as default storage, so I don’t have to move pictures and such manually in my Files app?

I’ve set the SD card as external storage, I think it’s called.

Which software are you running on your FP2?

I run Android version 10, if I’ve read it correct.

Have you tried looking in settings , storage and then photos and videos ? Although I am on Android 11 F4 so may be different

Yes, and nothing there too, unfortunately. If I push on the SD card, it just opens a folder. And if I push internal storage and then “photos and videos”, there are no opportunity to change the default storage.

This needs to be set in the Apps, and the stock Camera app does not have this as far as I can see. You could use another App like OpenCamera (should also make better pictures).


Thanks, I will try Open Camera instead. I have now installed the new app, but I can’t find anywhere to set a new default folder for picture (and video) storage. The only thing I can find is a “Save location”, and it only offers a free text field.

Activate the Storage access framework to enable Storage selection


I think that is too technical for me. What is ‘Storage access framework’? And where do I enable it?

In your Screenshot its directly below the menu point “save location” and its described detailed what it is for , I can read “…this should be enabled to allow saving to external SD…” maybe the menu point itself is a bit different in your language…


I found it, thanks a lot :slight_smile:
But now the pictures don’t appear in my photo album (Google Photos app) anymore. Is there a way to syncronise Google Photos with the new folder?

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No idea as I dont use google sync …other cloud services allow to change/select the upoad folder in the settings.

Maybe some hints to be found here?

Edit: however as Google more and more disables the use of SD cards I would not be surprised if not possible. Maybe Mega could be an alternative?

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Thanks, I think that I found a solution in the Google Photos setup. Otherwise I must find other services very soon, since Googles services become more and more restrictive IMO.

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