Use of Fairphone outside Europe

I just realised that on the specs it says that the phone can only be used in Europe. Is that true?
I cannot use it in the US?
In Asia?
What am I supposed to do when travelling?
Thank you very much for responding as soon as possible

This certainly depends on the country you’re travelling to. On this website, you can see if there are providers that support the FP2 specs:

You can also read this article you can find on support pages : Will the Fairphone 2 work outside of Europe?

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Dear Irina,
thank you very much for your prompt reply.
As a humanitarian worker, I have come across a thread between humanitarian workers wishing to purchase a fairphone on obvious grounds but being put off by the terminology “works only in Europe”.
Maybe you should adapt your language to ensure that fairphone remains attractive.
Thank you very much,


The problem is that they can’t ensure that it works outside of Europe. It may work, it may not. Here’s a statement from Douwe regarding FP2 and the US:

I just returned from a trip to Thailand and Malaysia. There, the FP2 works perfectly.
My FP1 also worked when I visited Myanmar and Indonesia, but I don’t know if it has the same specifications…

Just a quick disclaimer that though official Fairphone support and other Fairphone staff (such as Douwe) do occasionally lurk on the forum, it is a community driven forum. This includes the Moderators - we’re volunteers from the community and therefore have little say on what Fairphone does or doesn’t do.

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