Use camera from Sony Xperia Z5 in FP2

My Sony Xperia Z5 died. Or I killed it. I replaced the (shattered) screen but it won’t start or at least there is nothing onscreen. Now I did buy a FP2 primarily as a two SIM travel phone but I thinking of reusing some stuff from the Z5. Is it possible to (re)use the Sony’s camera module in the ? The Z5 cam’s quality is legendary and it would do well to replace the soso FP2 cam. Are these thinks compatible or do I dream too much

I don’t think this is possible:

  • The documentation is closed source. So you won’t be able to attach the hardware to the FP2.
  • The camera will most probably need additional drivers in the OS. Even if you had them, you will need a lot of Android developing skills to integrate them into the OS.

No, you don’t dream too much. Dreams are a premonition of what is going to be possible.

Perhaps you dream a little to early, but never too much :wink:

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