Usb webcam mode for PC (Linux and win)

Would be nice to have a way to set the fairphone in Camera mode to connect it via usb C to a PC.
The 1/2" camera sensor is much better than the 1/6" frome my framework laptop…

When using “droidcam” I get a video via wifi…but it gives a very bad image :frowning:

I don t know if it is possible from the fairephone software to have this option, or we would have to have it from google android.

For example it is possible from android to say access my phone as a USB stick.
WOuld love to have the same “access as a webcam”

I can’t try it out right now if this is still available in newer versions of droidcam. But did you try to access the phone via USB instead of WiFi? This could already bring some improvements. You will have to enable “USB debugging” for this on your phone.

You might want to checkout scrcpy. It just mirrors your screen but at good quality and with low latency. If you turn on the camera, you can set it up as a webcam under Linux


If I’m not mistaken, DroidCam tops at 480p unless you pay for the pro version. That’s why it looks terrible. I personally use IP Webcam. The free version shows ads (in UI, not in the video) but otherwise has practically no limitations. It has its own Windows adapter, but you are basically free to use anything that accepts MJPEG, including OBS. The video feed can be accessed at http://[phone-ip]:8080/videofeed.

If you want less lag (although it’s absolutely fine on 5GHz Wi-Fi), you can actually use USB tethering. Just connect your phone to the computer, on the phone select USB tethering and then you can access the video feed at (this IP address is hardcoded in Android).


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