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Hi folks,
I’ve have a Sennheiser Circle SC 260 USB MS II headset. It connects to my PC via a USB Type-A male connector.
Does anyone know of a USB Type-A female to 3.5mm male AHJ (not OMTP) jack adapter that I can use to connect it to my FP3?

Even if that exist, it can’t work, because USB is something completely different. It’s no simple audio, but a data connection.

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You can try to connect it to the USB-C port of the phone using a USB OTG adapter.
A quick general internet search (not for your particular headset) suggests Android would at least support audio that way, there are also reports of buttons working, but better don’t expect the microphone to work.

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I made attempts to hook up a Blue Yeti USB microphone to an Android phone at one point, and the consensus online was consistent with my own findings in that it appears to be completely impossible. I rather expect the same for a set of USB headphones.

If you can get a cheap adapter from eBay or something, I guess it’s worth a shot, but I wouldn’t expect much.

Whereas the above is true it may be that the usbA connector is just a simple physical wiring and doesn’t use data to the headphone in which case and will such as

We are talking about a USB Headset, that is an USB connection, with data and power, no analogue audio connection. So a simple wiring adapter can’t work.


Hi folks,

Thank you all for your speedy responses.

I suspected USB to jack wouldn’t work. I did some searches on the internet and then followed up some of the customer reviews. The consensus seems to be that it may work if connected to a car audio system or suchlike, but not if connected to a phone.

I’ve just tried connecting the headset using a USB A to C adapter - no joy. (I haven’t used that adapter before so it’s possible that it’s faulty. Although that’s unlikely I don’t have a USB A-A cable so I can’t rule it out.)

As I don’t need to connect the headset to the phone I was just being curious. Curiosity sated.

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