USB Tethering does not work any more

Since some weeks the USB-connection doesnt work and when i want to switcht on USB-Tethering the category is just grey and the button is not movebale.

Hi, a bit more info would be required to debug that :

  • Do you use the stock Fairphone OS, or Fairphone Open OS ?
  • Did it happen after an update our out of the blue ?
  • Do you still have access to other USB functions like
    • Charging ?
    • Mounting your phone’s storage via MTP ?


Hi Arvil,

I discovered your post just now and it seems to be an attempt to answer the question I asked here:

USB tethering still doesn’t work for me. I use FP Open OS, charging works fine, I can connect my phone to my computer (a Mac with OS Sierra) to synchronize my contacts and calendars and to manage files with Android File Transfer.

Are there any settings that I might have to change, either on my phone or on my computer?

Thank you!

PS I’ve rooted my phone since, and have XPrivacy and AFWall+ installed.

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