USB-Socket, WLan and Hotspot don't work after a crash

After a fall from a table the USB socket does not work properly while charging (loose contact). WiFi and Hotspot also not longer work. What it could be? What parts need to be repaired or replaced?

The USB socket, as you can see, is on the top. The WiFi-daughterboard, on the other hand, is situated in the lower part of the FP.

So, in the best case, maybe only the WiFi antenna, which connects motherboard and daughterboard, got corrupted/loose.

Since USB charging also has problems, I would guess the motherboard was damaged.
Image: (You can see the USB socket on the upper left.)

The next thing I would do, is open up my FP and search for any parts which are loose and move, although they shouldn’t.

I took the pictures from iFixit, you can also find them, if you go to the iFixit app preinstalled on your FP and search for “Fairphone”.