USB port loose: Google assistant pops up and music turns off

I noticed recently that while listening to music with the usb c adaptor with headphones the google assistant prompt appears without my intervention. It seems the usb port is loose and with small movements on the adaptor, the prompt appears. Other times the music stops or plays, just with the movement of the cable. Sometimes it changes the sound quality over the headphones, seeming “underwater.”

Is anyone with the same issue with their Fairphone 5?

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If the USB-C port feels really loose, you might want to tighten the loudspeaker screws it with a Phillips #00 screwdriver, see here:

The loudspeaker should hold the USB-C port in a firm position. Also check the “click” connector of the USB-C port itself.

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Hi @urs_lesse
Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve done it and the screws are pretty tight now. The connector holds tighter now but the issue persists when listening to music with headphones.

I now think it can be a problem with the audio jack adaptor to usb c, or something else about software.

I have no issues while charging the phone with the usb c cable and Google assistant doesn’t pop up.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

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All I can still think of would be accumulated tiny hairs and dust inside the USB-C port, but usually I wouldn’t think that it would pile up so quickly. You might want to check with a thin needle or pin anyway (power off the phone first, then remove the battery for safety).

Thank you! I have removed some dust indeed, but still the issue persists. I have opened a ticket to Fairphone
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Hi, I ve had the same issue with my Fairphone for months and now, he won t even recognize and headphones. Did you find a solution?