USB port for charger not working

My phone stopped charging today. I have tried a few different chargers and electrical sockets but the lightning flash which shows on the battery icon is not showing when I plug a charger in. Can anyone help please?

Mine also stopped charging about the same time last night. I wonder if it might be due to some app update about that time? At least, that’s when I plugged in and nothing happened.
I use an old HTC charger most of the time, or plug into two computers or a car and have never had problems with them or the various cables so I am sure it is not a charger/cable issue. I’ve had the phone 6 months and always thought the battery lasts pretty well for my usage.

In fact I am not sure whether it is charging or not — it said it was at 35% last night, and 12 hours later it is still working OK. At first it showed no sign of charging but I have restarted a few times and now it is flashing the red LED once every 5-6 seconds; the lockscreen says it’s charging; the “lightning bolt” icon is on but the battery settings screen says it’s not charging. Here’s a screenshot.

It is now 2 hours since I took that screenshot; now it has exactly the same usage percentages (which seems very unlikely) but the graph has advanced and shows I’ve been at 0% for two hours — also very unlikely. Meanwhile everything appears to be working normally, it is obviously getting power from somewhere but unclear where.

I have the OpenSource system but have used root powers very little and usually have root access disabled. All I have used it for are to install the minimal Gapps, Titanium Backup and Xposed Framework with GravityBox. I have disabled GravityBox to see if that helps … nope.

30 mins later the phone died. I left it plugged in and after a few minutes it buzzed and showed the charging screen… so something is happening some of the time. (?!)

I found that with or without battery installed it would get into a loop of trying to start and giving up. It seems like it’s getting some power but not enough so I dismantled the phone and removed the module with the power socket (& microphone & loudspeaker). Cleaned it with microfibre cloth though it didn’t really appear to be dirty except a few bits of dust.
Reassembled and it appears to be behaving normally again.

So, in the end, it seems it was just a poor connection of the module. I hope this helps someone else. It seems there could be a lot of problems like this caused by bad connections or dust getting in somewhere. I have already had to clean out my proximity sensor a couple of times.

I’ve kept my phone off for most of the day, as I am reading that customer service is slow. Have logged a service request though, as the phone was only delivered earlier this year!

Thanks for your response - I’ll try letting the battery run itself down completely.

I haven’t taken the phone apart as am not confident and also don’t have the tiny screwdriver!

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