USB or Bluetooth Keyboard for Travel? FP2

Hi there,

I’m about to do a 400 mile charity hike on which I will be blogging and writing. I have a couple of questions:

Will I be better off using a USB keyboard over a bluetooth one in order to conserve battery as I will be using a Solar Monkey backpack solar panel (with occasional access to mains electricity)?
Which one would people recommend to use with my FP2?
Will I need to download an app or anything in order to use it? I’m not very technical so I’ll definitely need any technical details explained, if possible.
Here’s the site for my trek, if anyone is interested walkforaoife.com
Thanks so much, Alan

I did not need any additional app to use an USB keyboard. I only needed an USB OTG cable for that.
But note: You can’t charge your FP2 while using an USB keyboard.
I don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard, but that seems to work without any additional apps, too.

I cannot say anything about energy consumption of an USB vs. a Bluetooth keyboard. Maybe there is a forum user that has both types of keyboards and can compare it experimentally.

Ok thanks for that I’ll give it a shot. I’m thinking of getting a smaller, foldable keyboard so fingers crossed that will work also.
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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