USB ICS (internet connection sharing) is not working after upgrading to Android 13

Hi there,

I upgraded my FP3 to Android 13! :star_struck: :star_struck:

But there is one issue I am encountering. The USB internet connection sharing is not working anymore, or with difficulty. The computer I am connected to recognize the connection but says there is no internet. Tried on two laptops.
Could you help me?

Hi Gorbalt,

In Android 11 there is a switch in Settings > network and internet > Hotspot and tethering to share the internet over USB. It’s greyed out until a USB cable isconnected.
On A11 you can also get to this switch via the Hotspot quick menu icon.

I haven’t got a clue if it’s the same in A13 (almost certainly not). Ignore me if you have already tried this.

I confirm I have the same problem after upgrading to Android 13.
I am using a USB-C to USB-A cable which used to work perfectly for this, on a USB-A port that also worked in the past. I tried using a different USB-A port on my computer, or using a USB-C to USB-C cable. By the way both cable work perfectly to share files between the FP3 and computer, so I dont think they are the problem.
In all cases, the computer tries to activate the connection but fails after ~30s.
On the other hand the wifi access point and sharing via bluetooth both work, that’s what I’m using right now, but it seems slow.

Edit: I updated all apps, including google stuff, and it did not change anything. But after a reboot it now works with the USB-C to USB-A cable (but not with the USB-C to USB-C one)

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I upgraded von Saturday and USB-Tethering (USB-C to USB-C) works fine as always, but the shortcut does not work anymore. In Android 11, I just pressed Hot-Spot Short-Cut long and then I was able to activate USB-Tethering. Now I just can activate HotSpot, but no tethering anymore via this shortcut. The long way with settings… and so on is annoying, if you are used to the shortcut…

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