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hello everyone,

im wondering, I’m the only one how have this problems?

already sometime i have this problems with my FP5. from the beginning i have this phone.

its about the USB-C i started having problems du to the missing of the 3.5mm jack. but i didn’t need to start a topic about that. there are already.

and laiter using USB flash drive to the USB-c port.

furst i started thinking ther was a problem with my new phone and needed to be sent back.

the option to turn on the OTG wasn’t in the setting’s. now i know al New android phones don’t have this. it gon in my OnePlus 6 as wel after installing lainageos.

but still. when using a headphone it yust switch of al the time and turn on back again.
i dit start buying multiple new headphones with USB-c connection. but still im not happy with a single one of those. lots of noicees coming from this things never had this problems well using a build in DAP and 3.5mm jack . and isn’t not a strange thing tht a Fairphone is in this way pushing you to buy new headphones… Ewaist…

back to the USB flash drive: my USB flash drive wasn’t giving the normal flashing light on the drive it self.
the phone was detecting it but not capable of reading it.

on my OnePlus 6 how have a hardware problem on the mainbord dit conect to the same drive without any problems.

a different drive same behavior.

so its not giving power on the USB drive. something i use to turn on in the setting’s after connecting something that needs power.
but that’s not true i found laiter.

now a usb-c to USB A adapter. and a adapter from USB A multiple card memory sizes. and now it does conect.

USB C to USB C FP5 and OnePlus 6 i can charge both ways. so it is giving power. software problems?

does someone know what is going on?

let me know.

i like to know if i do something wrong.


If you use a cable usb-a to usb-c to connect your flash drive to the FP5 what happens then?
Do you swipe on the screen to change the option charging to transfer?
Can you see your drive in the app Files?


I don’t have problem connect Kingston MobileLite Duo 3C, is reader with both USB-C and USB-A, to FP5 connect using USB-C end, not need any change of usb settings in notification or other place.

EDIT: in notification is show only “USB drive” with buttons Explore and Eject, not any config for charge direction, transfer or charge, etc…

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Is USB debugging enabled in Developers options?

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thank you for your reply Lidwien,

it not giving this options. i tried developing options. ther i can set this. no chance so i set back to factory and turn of the development settings.

like K3dAR say that’s what i get as well if it acsept a extarnal memory.

even Strang no icon on the top screen when installing a headphone. but it giving sounds if i don’t pay attention to the short shutdowns of the sound and the background noise wat isn’t pard of the music.

maybe inporteerd to tell i have sensitive hering I always use the low setting. stil to loud for my.

google fils is not showing any thing on OnePlus and Fairphone. on onplus i can use the normal fill explorer in the phone it works.

when using sd card adapter. goolge fils show the memory and i can use that app browsing tru, OnePlus and Fairphone.

i think its something to do with the FAT Fairphone software probably is lagging there…
formating the drive after copying everything to my OnePlus nice and fast. copy the it back to the drive. extremely slow. and now fairphone acsept the Flash.

nice to know its not accepting any of my usb drives. and all the sd cards i have working fine.

so i need wipe them all empty… …wel other android phones can use them like they are.

wel i can live with that. hahaha thanks everyone for helping.
this is solved for my.

only the headphone problem left

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