USB does not work since LOS+microG since Oct 2023


most probably after upgrading to 20-20231008-microG-FP4, my FP4 lost all USB connectivity as device.
I can neither use ADB, File Transfer, USB thethering, MIDI, PTP or so on. Tried this with multiple PCs (all Linux) & multiple cables (USB 2.0 & 3.0). The USB settings page stays disabled when I connect my phone to a PC. My Linux PC’s do not list the device in lsusb & the kernel log does log nothing when I connect my phone.

Charging does still work. USB OTG (e.g. connecting USB sticks to the phone) does also fully work. If I boot to Lineage OS Recovery or fastboot, it works as well (lsusb lists the device, adb/fastboot cli’s can find the device). So I do not think this is an hardware issue, rather a software bug.

I first thought Lineage OS Trust was set incorrectly, but changing that does not help either. When everything was working, I set “Restrict USB” to “when unlocked”. For the tests above, I set it to “Always allow”.

Version 20-20231106-microG-FP4 did not fix that either.
Has anyone the same problem on their FP4 with LineageOS (with or without microG)?

I would like to downgrade my phone or try out plain Lineage OS, but refrain from that unless I can make a full backup of my data. (I know about Seedvault & use it, but I use many apps which have system backup disabled & I would like to avoid to restore those manually.) So if anyone can give me a hint for that, I would be glad as well.

You might temporarily root your device and use Titanium Backup to transfer apps and data.

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