USB Connector issue

My fairphone cannot be charge, the problem is probably the usb connector, because it start to charge only if I press perpendicularly on the wire.
The same problem with different wires.
There is the possibility of change or repair the connector?


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The standard way to repair this would be to replace the bottom module (currently out of stock):

If you think you haven’t caused the defect yourself, please contact Fairphone Support about it, you might qualify for a free replacement bottom module. Fairphone Support can usually provide replacement modules even when they are currently unavailable for purchase.


Hi Gio,

the first thing that I would try is cleaning the usb slot. It might just have collected some dust and fluff from your trouser pocket, for example. See for example

BEANTWORTET: Whats the best way to clean and maintain the USB-C port? - Google Pixel XL - iFixit

for tips how to best do this.

Good luck!


If you can’t get hold of a bottom module right away, you could check whether one of the #fairphoneangels lives near you and has one (or is able to swap a module from their own phone to test whether it fixes your problem).


Thank you so much, but the nearest is 2h car and is not so easy for me to reach him

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