USB-connecting doesn´t work

Hey the USB-connection to my computer doesn´t work anymore. I am a little desperate because my whole music is stored on it and i am now not able to put it to my phone. Furthermore i would like to save some fotos from my phone on the computer to win some storage. Please help me!! Thank you.


Do you have another cable you can try with?

What happens if you try to connect with your computer?
I’m using ‘Android File Transfer’ for Mac and when I didn’t unlock my phone before trying to connect I get an error message.

If you can’t fix this as soon as you need to you can use FTP Server to transfer files for now.

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Thank you for your answere. I already tried 3 cables… When i try to connect it happens nothing. My phone shows that it is loading but there comes no cennection. I also tried to unlock my phone before connecting but its still the same impact. My system software is Windows …

Does your phone show the notification “Connected as a media device” (or similiar)?
If so did you try clicking it and choosing another option?
You can also get there by going to Settings > Storage > tap the Settings softbutton again > USB computer connection

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Have you tried activating the developper mode? (Settings/System/Developper mode) And eventually the debugging mode…

I don’t think that developer mode is needed for simple file access.

It sure isn’t. However, if ADB doesn’t detect the device, this is another indication that something is broken.

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