USB Charging issues with Fairphone 4 and Macbook pro M1


I’m plugging my Fairphone 4 into my macbook pro M1 with a usb cable and I often have issues.

Something when the phone has been turned off, it won’t even start charging and I have to take out the battery and plug it in again for it to charge.

Most of the time it charges extremely slowly(sometimes getting stuck at 1% while turned off) or it turns off while I’m using it even though it’s plugged it

Do I need to use an electrical outlet all the time to charge it or what? it’s so annoying for working

I’ve got my phone just a few months ago, it’s almost brand new

Welcome the the Fairphone community.

Did you try some troubleshooting already? Is the cable working when used, with a wall outlet charger? Did you try different cables?

I just tried it out with my M1 (14") Macbook and I do not have any issues with charging. Maybe its an issue with your cable?
Did you try all USB-C ports from your MacBook?

I know this sounds absurd, but have you tried using a high grade USB-C cable. I have a 100 W 40gb type-c to type-c cable. I use a type A male to type-C dongle to connect to windows 10 laptop. I have no issues. Just asking.

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