USB-C on a power plug/adapter

I was wondering why the power plug only has one single USB-A port. I think it would be forward-compatible to at least include a type-C plug too. Shouldn’t be difficult to build, right? What do you think?

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Everything is possible, I can also imagine a charger with two USB-A ports would be handy, or with two USB-C ports. But that means a redesign of the charger with double the power, to charge two devices at the same time.

Seen this in the supermarket

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USB-C plugs are slightly more expensive than USB-A plugs, so it would make for a more expensive charger and cable. As long as the charging protocol used is QC 3.0, it doesn’t matter what connector is on the charger.

For the USB PD protocol it might be necessary to have a USB-C port on the charger, or cable directly attached to it. This protocol makes use of the control channel pins in the USB-C connector to negotiate power, and those pins are not present in a USB-A plug (see this page for the pinout of the USB-C connector when used for USB 2.0 or USB PD). The FP3 does not support this protocol, but future Fairphones might use it for charging as it is becoming the standard way to charge any USB-C device.


Well, the (newer) FP USB-C to USB-C cable has nothing to do with this. Also, USB-A to USB-C cables are (in general) mostly for backwards compatibility. There are millions and millions of power adapters with “A” plugs. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep up with new standards, though! After all, Fairphone is all about being able to use any products we already have, for as long as possible, right?

The fact that the bottom module of the phone is basically USB-C-2.x still boggles me. I would like to recommend Fairphone company to build a USB-4 (released in 2019) compatible bottom module. But that’s a discussion for a different topic.

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Well, look at that. I guess this wasn’t such a bad idea after all… :slight_smile:

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I wanted to post that here already, but couldn’t find the thread, I didn’t search for ‘plug/adapter’ but ‘charger’ :smiley: .

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