USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable dying

December 2022 I bought the Fairphone USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable, to go with the Fairphone Dual-port 30W charger, and I was quite satisfied with it till now (see my comments in various (now closed) threads about it). Note I didn’t use it much, because I’m usually slow-charging my FP4 through my laptop, I actually use the Fairphone charger only when on the move, or in the rare cases I didn’t start my laptop all day.

Yet, recently I noticed that when using it, my phone started randomly not charging as expected, especially after having been plugged/unplugged a couple times. Checking this more closely, I noticed the “Rapid charging, full in x minutes” message on the lock screen was repeatedly blinking (going off, then coming back, then going off, etc.), like there was an intermittent, bad connection. And the phone didn’t charge. Not slow, no charge at all.
I tried using another USB cable, and that one charged my phone as expected.

One year and a half of occasional use, and the 35€, supposedly “long life” cable starts failing? :frowning_face:

Now there have been several threads about the “long life” cable breaking after an astonishingly short time, though mine didn’t break (yet?), it has just developed a bad connection which makes charging times unpredictable (tending to infinite unless you stay there constantly watching it!).
Seriously Fairphone! Try living up to your marketing promises! “Long life”? “Strong as nails”? :angry:


Why dont you just contact Fairphone. There is something called warranty that should apply after 1.5 years.


Because it’s an intermittent problem, and I want to be sure it’s the cable, and not the charger or the phone.
And since I only charge my phone so often, this will easily take a week or more.

(BTW, I really don’t see why you changed my topic tags from “Accessories” to “Products”. The USB cable is undoubtedly an accessory for their products, not a Fairphone product itself. Something like tires would be for a car maker.)

I dont see a question seeking for community help and only judging statements, so this belongs in the discuss and not help section.

Edit: Although the description already mentioned “…existing products, the phones and their accessories…” I added examples of accessories tags to make it clearer that FP accesories are also FP products.

I have the same problems now but with the dual-port charger, which I bought September 2022.
I bought the charger from a reseller, so I just filed a warranty claim.

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