Usage of Micro SD in FP2?

I’ve just purchased a micro SD for 64GB to use it in my FP2.
I was wondering if it could be used differently as extra memory, to improve performances of the phone maybe ?
Just rookie question.

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Might be a rookie question, but a good one before simply doing things and regretting it later :+1: .

Answer: Keep it as external storage.
Incorporating an SD card into Internal Storage will increase the storage and make the data on the card unreadable outside of the phone, which might sound tempting, but in terms of integrity the SD card will be the weak link by build and connection, and you will hand the integrity of the whole Internal Storage to it. If it breaks (which is not improbable), your whole Internal Storage might go down with it.
Judging by experience in this forum this would be asking for trouble sooner or later.


True, (especially) with consumer-grade microSD cards. With industrial-grade microSD cards, the chances of this happening are much slimmer. However, the price of these is at least 2x the price of consumer-grade microSD cards.


Maybe, but that doesn’t change the weakness of the concept, only the chances of it coming back to bite you.


True, you still have two points of failure instead of one, as you do with RAID0.

However, the industrial grade microSD cards are much more reliable. And given that consumer grade microSD cards are usually the point of failure (not internal storage), using an industrial grade one is going to suffice.

There’s a use-case which I recommend though: have your personal data on internal storage, and have data such as cloud backup, Netflix, Spotify, etc. on consumer microSD.

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If the original question was ‘can I use an SD card to expand my phone’s RAM?’, then the answer is no.

EDIT: Just to clarify, RAM is ‘working memory’ that apps use to run smoothly (FP2: 2 Gb, FP3: 4 Gb). It is different to storage memory that is used to store apps, pictures, music, etc (FP2: 32 Gb, FP3 64 Gb).


Hi, ok thank you all for your answers!

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My next phone will have definitely more internal storage. My microSD never worked properly on FP. And I tried everything.

Also in my case, it is supposed to extend the memory, but I can barely put anything on it: Spotify downloads stay on internal storage, Instagram cache stay on internal, Google Photos the same.
Now that I am checking it even says “corrupted”.

Above two posts are examples of suspected (partly) broken microSD cards. Usually consumer grade ones.


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