Usage of Cloudflare

I recently got some remarks about links that I posted to Mastodon being problematic because of Cloudflare. And suggesting to use e.g. instead.

My first thought was: “Nah, not gonna use that”

Today, someone actually included a link to reasons why Cloudflare isn’t a good idea

Didn’t have time to read it all and I’m not sure when I will.

Currently I’m really thinking of suspending the Mastodon account…

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Hmm, I thought the Tor issues with Cloudflare were largely resolved?

According to the Cloud Firewall addon (cc @gkrishnaks) doesn’t use cloudflare. The addon “only” blocks one connection to Google (googletagmanager).
The bugtracker however, which is linked to on the page of your link is hosted on cloudflare.

Gokulakrishna also made another addon that could help: Wayback Everywhere.

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