US resident interested in FP4; Qs re compatibility with AT&T?

Hello Fairphone 4 Community,

I’m based in the United States (primarily in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and San Antonio), and I’m really interested in buying a Fairphone 4. I have a few questions for you…

1.) Are there any FP4 owners here who use AT&T as their carrier? I’d be grateful to learn from your experiences.

2.) How do you handle FP warranty matters as a U.S.-based resident? Do you send it back to Fairphone or do you work with a third-party warranty provider?

3.) Does your FP 4 enable you to readily switch from 5G to 4G? I’m a bit concerned about the safety/radiation exposure of 5G phones, hence my question.

Thanks so much for your help!


to not duplicate topics, I would close here as you already found the Local US topic and posted there as well

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