Urgent- my FP refuses to charge battery!

HELP!! My Fairphone cannot charge, it is not on the cable ( have tried several ones) … Please give me some ideas what could be wrong and which tests could be tried. Battery is less than one year old, phone worked so far without any problems. Thanx for your support!!!

:warning: First check weather your battery is bloated! If so take it out stop using your phone and contact support immediately.
If not you could try the battery reset found in the Battery Guide.

Is it only the battery which is not charging? What happens if you connect your device to a computer? Is it detected or not? Asking because I am struggling with an USB issue where the phone still charges but otherwise doesn’t communicate with the computer it is connected to, and I wonder whether the cause is an issue with the USB connector of the phone.

Hi @klinx,

If you haven’t already, please write the support team at www.fairphone.com/asksupport.

Customer support is the best option to handle hardware issues about the battery.

No, the battery looks quite normal…

No, even when the phone is connected to my laptop or another device it doesn´t work. I tried a “cold reset” and took the battery out, but it had no effect :o((…

For how long have you tried charging the phone? Sometimes it happens that the battery gets drained really far and it can take up to an hour before it actually shows signs of life again.

Also does it help if you bend the connector slightly? (very, very carefully)

To be true, I´m afraid of bending the connector… I had the phone charging for hours and it wasn´t completely empty before, maybe 10-15% battery status…
My next try (tomorrow) ist to put in the battery from the FP of a collegue. I gonna let you know what happened!