Urban Mining : where is the miner's manual?

Hello There,
I see all the discussion on urban mining date back from 2015, so I’m a bit late…
Still, I think an urban mining activity with my pupils would be interesting to have. The trouble is I can find the Leader’s Guide but no Miner’s guide on th blog : https://www.fairphone.com/fr/2015/03/02/host-an-urban-mining-workshop/
Could anyone help me here to find it?
Thanks in advance.

I think you can find it here (scroll a bit down):

Or direct download: https://www.fairphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/161018-Urban-MiningMiners-.pdf

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Perfect! Vielen Dank!
PS I’m jealous you still have an FP1. :grinning: I had mine since 2014 but had to change it to an FP2 this spring because the FP1 battery was swollen. :frowning:

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Doesn’t help you anymore, but for people perhaps reading along … there are generic batteries you can use in a Fairphone 1 …


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