Upsurge in FP2 random reboots?

Has anyone else had an upsurge in random reboots in the last few days? My FP2 had been reasonably (!) stable for the last few months but has been rebooting several times a day (sometimes draining most of the battery in the process) since the weekend. I’ve not changed anything so not sure why. I’ll re-read the reboot guide and try all the fixes… Just wondered if others have experienced this?

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since the last 5 weeks I’ve had the same problems and can’t connect anything with the current situation. At this point it’s getting really annoying and frustrating. A phones first task is to be reachable at any time ‘you’ want it to be. This is not possible at this time :(((

For the admins: yes - I’ve checked all the points I’m able to check as a customer. And no - there is no Problem with the battery (since I’ve changed it in Q1 and tested with the old one too) OS version is 19.08.1.

Same here. I’m getting v very annoyed.

But till now nothing and nobody reacted. Not even the standard phrase “have you tried turning it off and in again” ;(

Well, the question of this topic is …

… to which there were replies accordingly.

If the question is what to do about it …

There’s a rebootsguide for a start.
Then, if there are fairphoneangels in your vicinity, perhaps they could take a look or help trying to find a hardware culprit by swapping modules.

If anybody by chance expects Fairphone staff to read everything or reply everywhere here … this is a community forum. Fairphone staff might read along and engage occasionally, or not. It’s not an official communication channel.

To get in touch with Fairphone, contactsupport.

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