Upside down google maps

Hi, my google maps is always facing the wrong way. It knows where it is going, but displays the moving map backwards. googling for a fix is not getting me anywhere. Any ideas on how to remedy this please?

Maybe there is something wrong with the compass… could you, please, post a screenshot (Press volume-down and power- button simultaniously)?

PS.: I’ll move this to the Fairphone Help! category to make it possible for more people to help you.

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Let’s try OsmAnd!

It works very good for me (and I live in the South of Italy).

Anyway, in OsmAnd is an option to set the “view direction” during navigation: maybe there’s something similar in Google Maps too.

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I believe that I have found the remedy for this

then (if required) click on the navigation/compass arrow that appears (near top right of screen) and it will change to facing in the right direction, rather than fixed on north.

I must have stumbled across this by accident when I first got my phone and set it wrong

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Hallo, mit einem Finger können Sie die Karte in jede beliebige Richtung verschieben. ? !
Mit 2 Fingern auf dem Bildschirm können Sie die Karte um 180 Grad drehen.

Hallo, with one Finger you can move the map in any direction ? !
And with 2 fingers on the screen you can turn the map upside down !

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interesting, thank you :slight_smile:
I do prefer to have the map facing in the correct direction though, but I imagine that others will appreciate your tip and it may come in handy for me one day

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Well, Google says there´s a rose in the bottom left, while it is on my FP in the top right.
Press this and the direction will change, so that you can see the map facing to the correct direction.

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