Upon reboot, phone always resets ringtone to factory default

As per subject: I use an ogg file on the external SD card as ringtone, and each time the phone is rebooted, the ringtone is reset to factory default. This behaviour persists even after a factory reset.

Has anyone else seen this?



Is it an idea to copy the ogg.file from your SD card to your Internal Storage. And then select your ogg.file from the Internal Storage as ringtone? Perhaps this will do the trick.


I had this too, copying to the internal storage fixes it, it’s a long standing android issue where at boot time the external sd card is not mounted at the time an app needs to access it, I’ve also seen empty playlists where the music in the playlists was stored on the external SD.


How do I copy my own ringtones from SDcard to internal memory?
I hope this will solve the highly irritating reset that happens every time I plug in a usb cable or switch off the phone (most days).

You put the ringtones in your SD card and then give a file explorer root access and put your ringtone in the relevant folder. Maybe /system/media/audio/ringtones is the correct folder for the ringtones but I’m not sure about that.

Thanks Vinni,
I think I may have managed it eventually, we’ll have to see if the ringtone stays after I silence the phone, which I have to do several times a day when I see clients.
Another confusing hour wasted to Android File transfer etc. I’d like to like this phone but it’s so frustrating and unreliable.
I tried several times and failed. I don’t know why it did work in the end.

The folder “Ringtones” in the internal storage also does the job (at least for me).