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I have a Fairphone 3 which is brilliant but I want to upgrade the camera. I see 2 options to upgrade for the 3 - the camera and the top module. But the top module comes with an upgrade to the selfie camera as well. I just want to clarify that these modules do two separate roles and I am not duplicating if I buy both upgrades.



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Yes, both modules do different things, there’s no duplication.
But the improvement in main (rear) camera picture quality by this hardware upgrade is much smaller than the improvement from using a different camera app. Especially the (free) inofficial GCam app is our (i.e. the community’s) usual recommendation:

This is a very, very frequent discussion in this forum, so you might want to follow up in the topic above if you have questions regarding GCam.


Additionally this topic may be helpful. Upgrading does not give you a four times better experience since the image sensor is not really changing in size and the hardware is already merging the pixels together. There are improvements, but as @urs_lesse said, not as big ones as it may seem at a first glimpse.


Just to help explain the 4 x 12Mps

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Wow thanks. That was a full and expected answer and much appreciated. I will get hold of the new app. I want to ask a different question about the whole operating system that has arisen because of the answer. However, I will go for a search and see if the forums answer that question.

Once again my thanks.



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