Upgrade my rooted FP2

Hi dear Fairphone community,

I’ve just spent the last hours trying to find a solution on the forum that fits my needs, but I haven’t…So here it is: I wish to upgrade my rooted FP2!

My phone: FP2, flashed and rooted in march last year (still Android 5.1). I would like to update my OS to Android 6. I am a Google Service user (almost all of them) but I need root access to run my antitheft app.

Question 1: Would you recommend installing Fairphone Open, root it (i understood it’s very easy) and install all Google Apps, OR a rooted Fairphone OS (as i previously did)? I’d say Fairphone open would allow me to upgrade easily but I would need to install all apps after each upgrade. Correct?

Question 2: How can i upgrade my rooted phone? Do i need to “unroot” first and then upgrade, or can i just reinstall a new updated version straight?

Thanks for your support,

Can’t answer question one as I don’t use Fairphone open.
So regarding question two:
Update of your rooted device through updater app is IMHO not possible.
One possibility is to manually install the current version (see e.g. https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/207914363-Manually-install-Fairphone-OS-for-the-Fairphone-2 ) and root your device again after the update.
You may plan to do future updates as described here:
[HOWTO] Root with Magisk - OTA updates, root cloaking and SafetyNet
EDIT: and I recommend to do a backup before the upgrade!


As soon as your on Open, you don’t need to reinstall every app with every update… I can’t remember how it was upgrading from 5 to 6, but if I remember correctly I made a mistake while upgrading, so here it should work without reinstalling your apps (I’m on lineage now, and very happy)
Though, my reason to switch to LOS was based on a slow adaption of patches in FPOOS, as well as battery problems, which, as I understand, is not relevant any longer

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Thanks for your input!

I’ve finaly upgraded to FPOOS! We’ll see how it works but it should be easier to stay up to date…

FYI, I’ve installed FPOOS from my Android 5.1 rooted device using TWRP but not with Fastboot (as this method seems not to do a “clean install”). After that, I added the Google Play in order to install easily all further apps. Then i root the device by simply tap many times.
I hope my summary may help others as i found it difficult to understand the right way to do it s i could only find bits and pieces of information everywhere…



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