Upgrade Modules

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I’ve a questions. In the future, do you think it’ll be possible to upgrade modules.
Like better module photo, better battery and at least( this one I’m not sure) , upgrade of the processor or motherboard ?

thank you all

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For the Fairphone 2, there is actually a “camera upgrade” available. Nobody can tell you yet if Fairphone 3 will also receive such an upgrade.


thanks for the answer

We’re pretty sure it will receive upgrades.
As TobiasF said, FP2 got a camera upgrade so FP3 would normally do better and have 2 upgrades…?
Anyway, this is just a theory and nobody knows for sure… Except people working at Fairphone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A better camera is possible, if Fairphone decides to offer one (like it did with the FP2). A better battery? Only if a “revolutionary” new technology comes to market - with Li-Ion the space is the limit. And I find the battery more than sufficient.

SoC / motherboard: No upgrade, these are fixed and not modular.

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