Updating FPOS (TWRP & Open GApps)

Quick questions: do I have to manually update the OS through TWRP to keep TWRP? OTA Updates replace the TWRP bootloader with the stock one, right?

Also, I remember reading that it’s necessary to update Open GApps every time after an OS update to prevent battery drain and overheating due to some System App problems. Is that correct? Can’t seem to find the information on the forums.

Do I lose App Data/Settings when performing an OS Update + the Open GApps update through TWRP?

My FP2 currently runs on FPOOS (Fairphone Open OS) 21.03.0 and I wanna get the latest 21.05.0

Do you mean the normal Fairphone OS (FPOS) or the Fairphone Open OS (FPOOS)?

FPOS comes with google so there is no need to install any Gapps. TWRP recovery was replaced some Versions ago and I think, when you want to keep it, you must install after each update, as it will be replaced by the stock recovery. As far as I know you cannot update the FPOS through TWRP.

No idea about FP open OS.

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Well… You can simply reflash it after each update if that’s not too much hassle for you.

Except if there is a problem, no, you shouldn’t.

No, only FPOOS had TWRP, and it was replaced on the last android 7 build (19.11.2).


You can, or at least should be able to. If you have the .zip file for updating FPOS (which is located somewhere in /cache when you download it through the updater but don’t install it), and you can download the .zip file for FPOOS from code.fairphone.com.

Should be about the same as FPOS.


No also FPOS had TWRP…

Nope… See here for e.g:

@Alex.A your statement is def not correct or I misunderstand your point here. Until Version 19.11.2 also FPOS had TWRP as recovery included. I had it installed before I switched to LOS. however at the end it does not matter at all for the question raised initially as currently neither FPOS nor FPOOS comes with TWRP.

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Thanks for you replies. Yes, I meant FOOPS, sorry for the confusion.

So to conclude: I could update via OTA but then I’d have to reflash TWRP (via ADB, I guess?)
The other possibility would be updating via TWRP. Do I have to reflash TWRP this way too? And what about Open GApps? Is an apdate/reflash necessary?

As I use Lineage OS with GApps not FP open its just a guess: I think it is not required to reinstall Gapps after each update (I never did this in 2 years with Lineage OS). To install TWRP you would need to follow the official instructions, important sentence to note is " Note many devices will replace your custom recovery automatically during first boot. To prevent this you must reboot into recovery. After typing fastboot reboot, hold the key combo (power+Vol-Up) and boot to TWRP. Once TWRP is booted, TWRP will patch the stock ROM to prevent the stock ROM from replacing TWRP. If you don’t follow this step, you will have to repeat the install.

I assume even when you would update FP open not via OTA you would have to reflash TWRP everytime, as I assume you cannot get the OS file without the recovery included.


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I guess that’s true. Just wanted to update via TWRP and was greeted with the Stock Recovery. I did the previous Update to Android 9 with TWRP but probably booted into the OS right away.
So, I flashed TWRP via ADB/Fastboot, updated the OS and Open GApps, rebooted to bootloader and my FP is now running on 21.05.0 and I still have TWRP!

Also, I found one of the reasons why an update of Open GApps is advised: ✏ Update Guide for a modified FP Open OS (with Gapps, Xposed and more) (first paragraph)
I don’t remember having bootloops but rather terrifying battery drain (from 100 down to 0 in minutes) and overheating caused by defective Open GApps after an OS Update without updating GApps. I’m pretty sure this was also discussed here in the forums but I couldn’t find it. Maybe somebody stumbles upon it and can add the link. :v:

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