Updating F-Droid apps hangs device and forces reboot

Per the title, updating all apps that require updates hangs device and forces reboot.

FYI, I use a few things from f-droid with the same OS release on the Fairphone 4 (OSMAnd~, for instance), and nothing like what you see is happening here.

Yeah, I think mine has somehow become corrupted because of the litany of issues I’m experiencing. I don’t want to have to reinstall the stock ROM though, since that requires ADB and because interacting with the bootloader seems to be recipe for disaster based upon other forum posts.

Does the same happen with Neo Store?

@loseyourself, t’s a million times worse and more reproducible with Droid-ify and Neo Store. F-Droid it only happens to sometimes it turns out, Droid-ify always.

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