Updates on Fairphone 5 and Play Services


I recenty noticed that I did not update my phone for a while, so I decided to do it.

I followed the official instructions.

At first I couldn’t locate the “system update” in Settings→System.
Then i have turned on google play services and it appeared – I think it should be noted somewhere that this black box is needed for basic system functionaloty, or it is a bug.

PS. IS this normal if I did not get the latest update yet?

When was the last time you updated your phone system and what version are you on currently? Its normal if you didnt get the newest update yet, it is possible that its not avable with your current network provider due to the update may cause problems with it

I do not remember when was the last time that I have updated my phone since I configured it so it updates automatically.

I am on the second newest update (.112.2023.10.16)

Anyway I have switched to IodeOS.

If you have a german Sim card with Telekom, the Update was blocked due to the 5G issue with the phone.

Not the Play services update by Google. The update for the Fairphone OS was delayed.


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