Updates of LOS one by one or the last one?

Hello !

I didn’t update LOS since … less than 2 months … and there are already 10 updates available hehe. That’s great yes, but should I launch all the updates one by one or can i just the last one to combine of them ?

Thanks !

I always just install the newest one and skip the ones I missed because for some reason I don’t get notifications. I didn’t have any issues so far.


Yes, same here: I only ever installed the updates that included the monthly security patches.

But beware, as far as I understood, now that 15.1 has become official for FP2, there won’t be any updates for 14.1 anymore. https://www.lineageoslog.com/14.1/FP2 says

The selected device is not currently supported in LineageOS 14.1.
Select other version of LineageOS for this device: 15.1

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The LOS updates are all full updates (not incremental as e.g. for Fairphone OS), so installing the latest one is definitively sufficient.


Ah great !
So I just download it and flash it ? Nothing else to do ?

does someone have a link on how to update from 14.1 to 15.1 without losing data? or do I have to format data partition as well as listed in LOS’ installations instructions

Please see there:

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