Updater proposes a Downgrade? (22.10.0 > 21.12.0)

As the title says, the updater app on my FPOS 22.10.0-rel.0 proposes me to “update” to 21.12.0-rel.1.
I don’t suppose it would be a good idea to follow this suggestion.
But how do I get it to update to the correct current version?

Are you on the beta channel? I think 21.12.0 was a beta-only release :thinking:

EDIT: It was a regular release. Still a downgrade.

@MaartenD perhaps?

I’m trying to migrate an FPOS system to another phone in order to diagnose/circumvent some intermittent hardware problems.
Therefore I would like to install the same FPOS version on the new phone that the old one is running (22.10.0-rel.0). I couldn’t find images of these on the website, only the current version.
Can someone point me to these / provide them to me?

(Updating the old phone beforehand doesn’t work unfortunately - see the separate topic on that issue)

I moved your posts together

Well if you think that helps - I kept them separately intentionally as these are completely different questions that are only related by the fact that any solution to one of them would help me move forward in my special situation at the moment.

Yes and no, espacially as you might need support from FP who have been informed here by Urs.

No idea anyone? Should I just try it and see what happens?

You might just follow the manual installation

to install (current version) 22.12.0.

Another idea would be a nandroid backup of the old phone and restoring it on the alternative phone (twrpwoflashing). In this case you’d need a tipatched TWRP for also copying the internal data or you have to temporarily rename the data directory to copy it.
For restoring to a different device you have to adopt the backup folder name.

In case you might need technical support you could try to contact a fairphoneangel.

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There has been an issue with the Fairphone 2 OTA server which has been resolved now.
Could you check if you still see the same behavior, as in a lower version being offered in the updater app?


I see the same behavior as before at the moment. :frowning:

I can’t see how this should be possible based on the deployed OTA configuration. You should get the 22.12.0-rel.0 build served for the version you have installed.

Can you send a screenshot of your installed version (with a build number that might look like gms-9dd81e06) and a screenshot of the updater app?

You could also try clearing the data of the updater app, maybe that resolves something.


Now it proposes 22.12.0, which I guess is correct.
So it seems it just took some time for caches to refresh or something
the like.


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