Updater appears to hang

I noticed this behaviour:

The Updater App appeared to hang during download on my phone.

In fact what happened was:

  • The phone was low on memory but not low enough to trigger a warning before downloading the update.
  • During the download memory turned out to be too low to continue.
  • A toast was shown for a short moment, warning me about the memory being low.

I did not notice that toast (for a couple of update attempts) because during a large download I do not usually watch the phone all the time.

Perhaps the behaviour has already been changed (there’s been an update of the updater app just a few days after I noticed the behaviour and I could not test that under low memory condition, I also did not download the latest sources yet).

I the behaviour is still the same I suggest to change it and display a message the user must acknowledge instead of a toast he may not notice.

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I think I found the code producing the Toast.

It is in com.fairphone.updater.fragments.DownloadAndRestartFragment

public void abortUpdateProcess(final String reason)
    if(!TextUtils.isEmpty(reason)) {
        mainActivity.runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                Toast.makeText(mainActivity, reason, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();



By diving into the function calls it looks like only the toast has an impact on the UI.
So after the toast disappears it looks like the download is still being performed but hangs.

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