Updater app with self-compiled FP Open OS

I recently received my FP2 and, being an Open Source enthusiast, compiled my own version of the (GAPPS-free) Open Source Operating System (OSOS) which I managed to install and which works great in general.

One thing that has been bothering me however is that the Updater app always shows Error downloading config file when being opened. I have seen a suggestion elsewhere that this might have something to do with the fact that I compiled the OSOS myself. In the Updater app, after tapping multiple times on the version number, a URL input field showed up which has the (supposedly default) http://ota.fairphone.com/ text in it. Tapping OK next to it also causes the Error downloading config file message. My Wi-Fi connection works well by the way.

So here is my question: Is the Updater app supposed to work at all on a self-compiled OSOS version?

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Unfortunately I seem to have posted in the wrong category as I haven’t received any replies there, so I’ll summarise my question here as well - reading through the posts above, the chances of having it answered are much greater here. So here goes:

Is the Updater app supposed to work with my self-compiled FPOSOS? Because I always get “Error while downloading config file” when I start it. When enabling developer mode by multiple taps in the OS version inside the Updater, I see the (default?) http://ota.fairphone.com/ URL.

Other networking is operational (only tested WiFi so far) like e.g. browsing and F-Droid.

I moved your post back here as your question has nothing to do with Xposed and this topic actually IS in the right category as you compiled the OS yourself.
The topic is now back on top of the list (for a while) so I hope you’ll get an answer now.
My tip: Just install the official FP Open OS! I haven’t seen anybody report the problem you describe with the official version.

I dont have FP OSOS installed at the moment, but I can confirm, that the URL is the same as the one in the updater of the stock rom. Is it possible that you have AF Wall installed or anything similar that would block the updater app from accessing the internet?

Thanks for the feedback. I just installed the official FP OSOS as suggested by @paulakreuzer above and was surprised that the “Error while downloading config file” was gone. Everything else seems to be the same, so I am wondering if either of the following is true:

  1. There is a code difference between the official FP OSOS as linked on https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/user/fairphone-open-source-os-downloads.html and the OSOS that comes via the http://code.fairphone.com/gerrit/fp2-dev/manifest file as mentioned in the official build instructions.
  2. The Updater app sends some information about the installed OS (such as the complete version including the user/machine name under which the build was performed) and the server refuses to serve updates to non-official builds.

Regarding your hint about AF Wall (or other firewalls), I didn’t divert from the build instructions and didn’t even root the phone. Just a straight build according to the instructions and installing that on the device via fastboot. So unless point 1 above is true (e.g. the code includes AF Wall), I am guessing point 2 must be… which would be understandable but unfortunate (and IMHO should be mentioned on the build page so people like myself don’t waste time on a build that can’t be updated through the included Updater app).

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That is true according to a fp employee. As far as I understood it: The updater can only update to a newer version of the same kind of build. And obviously the fp servers don’t have any version of your compiled fp os. :slight_smile: I talked to some fp sw employees and they are aware of the problem, but as it only affects a small group of tech savvy people fixing the problem has a lower priority for them.


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