Updater App and play store is not working

I have to use my FP2 as a backup phone as I have to send in my FP4 for repair. I haven’t been using my FP2 for about 1 year. The Fairphone updater app (version 1.50.4) is not opening and the Play store does not let me install or update any app. I have deleted unused data and several apps and still I get the message I need to delete more apps. I have done this 2-3 times but this did not help. Does anyone have an idea how I can get my FP2 working again?

Can you provide a screenshot of the message or cite exactly what it says?

Is the message the same when trying to start the Updater or the Play Store, or is the message only given for one of them?

Does the phone have a working internet connection?

Apart from the Updater and the Play Store, what else doesn’t work?

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(I can only upload one picture as I’m new in this blog)

For the fairphone updater, it says "updater repeatedly closed: - app- info; - close app, - give feedback

If I want to update an already installed app, I get the message please delete apps, etc. Done this two-there times with no effect

New apps I just can’t install. I receive no message.

Camera also does not work and tells me to insert an sd-card.
Calling does work, every app which does not require an update since November 2021 does also wor (unlike WhatsApp…)
Thanks for your help already!

As I understand that you’ve to reconfigure everything anyway for moving from FP4 to FP2 - so did you try a factory reset yet?


I initially did not do this as it states to upgrade your phone to the latest version before doing a factory reset. As the FairPhone updater app did not work, i did not try it.
I did the factory reset following your suggestion and everything works now! It took several attempts to upgrade the phone to the latest version with the Fairphone updater app, but my phone runs now finally on android 10. Than you Volker!


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