Updated my fairphone 2 and now FM Radio is gone

Evert day on my way to work I listen to radio using the app FM Radio. Yesterday, my phone got an update and now I’m unable to fond the radio app! Where did it go?


Known issue of the current FPOS Android 9 version:


Yes. Unfortunately, in a way, though we’re always pushed to upgrade, above all for very good security reasons, the “list of known issues” is not usually publicised as much and so we very often jump in without checking. There are currently 43 known issues, worth having a look and maybe waiting a little if necessary.
@Mikusagi_Gillare Very frustrating for you, but good news, it seems this issue is being actively worked on (“in progress”).

EDIT : FP2 owners at least have a tuner in theory. Us FP3ers are deprived of one altogether. So make sure you vote for a tuner on the FP4 :smiley: With FM + LW + MW + SW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (just joking!)



A little less joking,

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