Update to non-google now or await for Android 10 first this September 13?

Hi everyone!

I want to change to “non-google” my FP3 but not sure if its better to await for the Android 10 update or it just doesn’t care?

Also, there is a Posteo app?


I would say an important question is if you plan to buy the new camera modules or not.

The new camera modules will be supported on (Google) Fairphone OS already when the modules are shipped, but on “non-google” /e/OS (what you probably mean) it will take some more weeks to make the software support the new modules:


As far as I know there is no Posteo app, but you can use a free libre open source email client such as K-9 Mail or FairMail. The links go to F-Droid.

Edit: If you need help to set up K-9 Mail you probably want to take a look at the Posteo help page or the K-9 Mail Documentation.


Indeed, I myself, I use my posteo account with FairEmail, synchronized through Davx5 for contacts and calendar, it works perfectly.


K9Mail works with PGP for me for like 3 or 4 years, I thinks both are very stable and usable.
(with Posteo)


I use Posteo with FairEmail successfully, no issues here.


Well, either you want to change to an “ungoogled” OS, or you want a google-Android. What are the reasons for you to choose either the one or the other?

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There is a guide on how to set up Posteo on K-9 Mail, maybe this can help you :slight_smile:

Edit: @Alex.A pointed out to me that @FestplattenSchnitzel already mentioned the support article in his post. In german there is a phrase “Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil” (“the one who can read has an advantage”). I should’ve sticked to it :wink: