Update to Fairphone Open Android 10 from /e/OS

Hello. My fairphone 2 has /e/OS (android 9) installed. I want to install fairphone OS 10. The download page for the images is:
But I don’t know which version I have to download and install. Can anyone help me?
Thank you so much

Hi, would be the manual installation file



Just to be sure … The download page you linked to revolves around Fairphone Open OS, which doesn’t have preinstalled Google Apps and services.
Fairphone OS (without the “Open”) has preinstalled Google Apps and services.

As you are coming from /e/OS we would want to assume that you want to install the OS without the Google stuff.
But just in case the Fairphone OS (with the Google stuff) install guide would be here … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018801738.

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Yes, I really don’t want to have google services.
Thank you very much for helping me…

Thank you so much. I will install the version you link to me.